How I Create Scents

When I create scents I use four main steps – profile comparison, mixing, testing, and publishing.

Profile Comparison

Profile Comparison is when you find the profiles of different scents such as floral, citrus, and many others but you compare them to see what would smell best together.


Mixing is mixing together the scents you picked. It’s also all about ratios. I obviously won’t share the formulas, but I will give an example. Like 3 drops of mint 1 drop of lavender and 6 drops of sandalwood. The essential oils that I use are from NOW Essential Oils.


Testing is, of course, not on animals but on people, to see the general opinion. Most of the time I’ll hand out samples people will then fill out a paper that has them rate it out of 5 stars and leave comments on it.


Publishing is when I put the scents on my main list, and sell them. Putting them on my main list takes a lot of effort too. I have to put them on my website, put them on my laminated sheets, make labels for them, get extra bottles, and extra essential oils.

So now that you know how I make them, go to the My Scents page to look at the different kinds, or the contact page so you can email me to buy one. You can also go to the My Story page to learn about the business. If you need to know anything about them, have any concerns, or want to suggest a scent you can email me as well. If you have any allergies these are the essential oils that go into each scent

  • Eucalyptus Rose: eucalyptus, rose, orange
  • Lavender Orange: lavender, orange, lemon, rose
  • Rosemary Mint: rosemary, mint 
  • Lemon: lemon

I hope you enjoy them!